2010 Tour – China

ACBA embarked on a China Basketball Tour from 23 November 2010 to 5 December 2010. A total of 38 persons went on a trip to Xiamen, Xian, Beijing and Tianjin for a period of 14 days to compete in a Chinese Basketball International Tournament and a series of exhibition games. Overall, the Kane Toads (Veteran), the Dragons and the Tigers had a successful and memorable tour.

In the 26th World lnvitational Basketball Tournament, a total of 264 teams comprising of Chinese people from all over the world, converged in Xiamen, China to compete in the annual World Chinese Master Basketball Competition. Our Kane Toads veteran team competed in the over 55s group and was fourth overall in their division, losing out to Wenzhou Veterans by one point (45-44) in the semi finals. In the third placing game, ACBA was again unfortunate to lose to the Taiwan Veterans by three points (25-22).

In the same tournament, the two boys’ teams, the Dragons and the Tigers performed very Well too. The Dragons Won the lnvitational Tournament for youth by beating the Tianjin Youth Team by one point (38-37). It was one of the most exciting games to watch as the game was fast and physical. The Tianjin is a semi professional team, and it is indicative in the Way they competed. Four of their starting tive players were 1.95 to 2.00 metres tall and comparing the physical sizes, ACBA Dragons was much smaller. However, with sheer determination and lighting qualities, We were able to win the gold medal at the last seconds of the game.

The Tigers, which is a young and inexperienced team and it is the first time they have been to an invitational tournament and overseas tour, performed exceptionally well. They finished third on the tournament by beating the Guangdong Swatow youth team (74-62). The Dragons also played an exhibition game with a Xiamen professional team, and they lost by 35 points. Realistically, the Xiamen team was very Well drilled, and they were very good in their 3 points shooting, and fantastic team work. The Dragons were physically exhausted from the last game they played with the Tianjin Youth, and it showed in their lack of intensity in their defence.

After the basketball tournaments in Xiamen, We moved on to Xian, Tianjin and Beijing to play more exhibition games. Our overall results were also good and encouraging especially for the Tigers. The more international games they played, the more they will benefit and improve from the experience.

In Tianjin, the Kane Toads played 2 games against the Tianjin Veterans and also the Tianjin Polytechnic University Teachers’ Team and the results were a draw (62-62) and a Win by ACBA (21-20) respectively.

The Dragons won their game against the Tianjin Sport Institute by one point. The Tianjin team is the current Chinese University Basketball Association (CUBA) champion and they were a very well drilled team. However, our Dragons were more experienced and older and managed to pull through. The Tigers were taught a basketball lesson when they were beaten by the Tianjin University of Civil Aviation with a l 16-68 score. This young Tianjin team is apparently the China youth champion and obviously, it showed in the Way they played and Won the game.

In Beijing, We had some good results as well. The Dragons lost to the Renmin University by 8 points (l l l-lO3) but Won their game against the Tsinghua High School by 9 points (8 l -72). The Tsinghua team is the current champion in the National High School championship and they had won the championship forthe last 4 consecutive years. This team is made up of boys with an average age of 17 years, and they are very tall but are not fully developed physically. They have shown great basketball skill and discipline, and eventually will become a good and strong basketball team in the near future.

The Tigers also played 2 games in Beijing. They had an interesting game with the Beijing (No. 4) High School Team, and the game changed lead very often, and the Tigers managed to pull off a draw (61-61) in the dying seconds ofthe game. The Tigers also played a game with the Beijing University and the game was getting interesting and physical. Unfortunately, in the early part of the second quarter, a brawl erupted between the two teams and the game was abandoned, and resulted in a draw.