Upcoming tours/Tournaments:

2024 Easter Classic Tournament held in Sydney

Date: 29/03/2024 – 01/04/2024

Note: details can be found on the home page

June 2024 – Indonesia International under 23’s Tournament comprising of 4 Nations. Tour date is 18/06 – 23/06/2024.

Tryout details:

Date: 4/02/2024

Venue: Cumberland Uni

            Gate 2, East Street

            Lidcombe NSW     

Time: 1pm – 2.30pm

Must have prior representative experience and be 23 years old and under in 2024.

Malaysian/Singapore Tour: 06/09/2024 – 16/09/2024. Acba will visit provinces in these countries and play exhibition games whilst traveling and experience the cultures . The team has been selected from the previous tryouts.

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Histories of Acba Tours

The end of year tour has been a staple of the ACBA calendar since 1998. These tours coincide with the annual World Invitation Basketball Tournament for Chinese, which is held in various locations around the world. While the tournament primarily features a veteran’s team, the ACBA also brings their youth men’s and women’s teams along to play exhibition games against local teams.

For the youth players, these tours provide not only an opportunity to play against foreign basketball players, but also a cultural experience. The teams have the chance to visit famous tourist attractions in the host country and make new friends with players from different cultures.

The competition may be fierce on the court, but off the court, the teams are treated with respect and welcomed warmly. It is common for the youth teams to socialize with their opponents after the games, leading to lasting friendships and memorable cultural exchanges.

The countries ACBA have toured are:


A tour was not organised in 2000, due to the hosting of the 16th World Invitation Basketball Tournament for Chinese in Sydney. On this occasion, the youth teams played host to the Los Angeles Striders, who participated in the ACBA youth tournament held during this tournament.



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