Since 1998, the end of year tour has been a regular fixture on the ACBA calendar. The tours are designed to coincide with the World Invitation Basketball Tournament for Chinese, which is held in a different venue around the world annually. Whilst this basketball tournament is primarily for the veteran’s team, ACBA always takes the opportunity to take the youth men’s and women’s teams on the trip to play exhibition games against the locals.

For the youth teams, the tour are not only an opportunity to play against foreign basketball players, but it also serves as a cultural experience for all. During each tour, the teams have an opportunity to visit many of the key tourist attractions which the country we are visiting is famous for.

Although the competition is fierce, as guests we are treated with respect, and are always warmly welcomed. It is not unusual for the youth teams to interact socially with the host team after the game. This allows for new friendships to be made, as well as memorable exchanges between people of vastly different cultures.

The countries ACBA have toured are:

2019- Upcoming tours 

  •  MABA ( Malaysian Basketball Association) date TBC. Acba will be defending their title after winning the championship in 2017

2020- Upcoming tours
  • Easter 2020 Held in Brisbane ( QLD) 
  • USA Tour ( End Nov – Mid Dec)

A tour was not organised in 2000, due to the hosting of the 16th World Invitation Basketball Tournament for Chinese in Sydney. On this occasion, the youth teams played host to the Los Angeles Striders, who participated in the ACBA youth tournament held during this tournament.

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