New Sunday Social C

Acba has opened a new Sunday Social C Division .

Timeslots are from 5.30pm – 8pm

Venue: Cumberland University – Lidcombe

Sunday Social C is for beginners mix with one or two intermediate players. This is more for social teams  who have started playing basketball. Males and females are allowed to play in this Division.

Please be advised we will not accept strong teams. If teams are deemed too strong for the Social C, a refund of the balance of payment will be credited back to the team.

Games will be normal 20 X 2 halves with a 24 second shot clock.

Team entry is $1500 and covers all committed players /bench etc, just turn up play and go home. There will be 14 rounds ( including playoff).

Acba will have an individuals team for players who do not have a team.

If you are interested please send us an email on or message Kim Yi on 0407 947 716.

New Summer Season 2024

Division now available , late entries can be accepted if spots are available

Sunday Social 10B ( 19/11/2023)

Sunday Social 10A (26/11/2023 )

Sunday Pool B ( Starts on 19/11/2023 )

Sunday Pool A (starts on 19/11/2023)

Sunday Division 8 (starts 12/11/2023)

Monday Social ( starts 27/11/2023)

Tuesday Unisex 7 -NEW ( starts on 28/11/2023)

Tuesday Social –  (starts on 21/11/2023)

Wednesday Division 5 (starts on 09/08)

Wednesday Division 3 ( starts on 23/08)

Thursday Social A ( Starts on 23/11)

Thursday Social B ( Starts on 16/11)

Thursday Social C ( Starts on 16/11)

Thursday Unisex 7 ( Starts on 15/11)

Email us on or SMS Kim Yi on 0407947716 for further enquiries.

New Tuesday Night Unisex 7 Division opening

Acba has room for Tuesday Night Unisex 7 competition. This is the same standard as Thursday and Sunday Unisex 7. These are social divisions ,please ensure all players are aware of this before they sign up.

More deets to come. If you are interested please e-mail us on

2023 Upcoming Tour

Easter Tournament

The 2023 Easter tournament tour, which will take place in Melbourne from April 7th to April 9th, has been announced. This three-day event, which has been held annually since 1997, will feature teams from Sydney, Queensland, Melbourne and Perth competing against each other. The games will be played on Easter Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, providing a showcase for talented basketball players from across Australia.

If you are a Sydney-based/or Acba team interested in participating in the 2023 Easter tournament, please reach out to Leon Teh at 0414398168 for more information.

Below is the attached itinery

New 2022- 2023 Summer Season

The following Divisions are now available , please register via our webiste.

To check fees/timeslots/prize money please go to Competition info/Team Fees

Monday Night Division 1 ( start 30/01/2023)

Monday Social ( New – starts 17/04/2023) at Concord Leisure Centre

Tuesday Division 2 ( Starts 31/01/2023)

Tuesday Division 3 ( Starts 31/01/2023)

Sunday Unisex 7 – 2 spot available ( starts 13/11/2022)

We can accept late nominations for teams who want to start after 30/01/2023 if spots are available. Please contact Kim on 0407 947 716 or

Acba Games will restart on 30/01/2023