About Us

The Australian Chinese Basketball Association (ACBA) is an indepdent not-for-profit company incorporated in 1996 by a group of players dedicated to promoting the game of basketball both within the Sydney Chinese community. 1997 marked the first year that we organised tournaments with the Easter Tournament as part of the Chinese Australian Sport Foundation tournament. Today, we are focused on promoting the game amongst the wider Asian and general community in Australia.

The specific objectives of ACBA are as follows:

Today, ACBA is one of Australia’s leading community based sporting associations, running no less than three tournaments a year, as well as organising an annual tour at the end of the year for the veterans, women and men youth teams as part of our representative program.
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The ACBA veteran’s team has participated in the World Basketball Invitational Tournament for Chinese, since 1997. In the year 2000, ACBA was awarded the rights to host the tournament in Sydney with the event being held at Bankstown Basketball Stadium. Each year, this Invitational tournament attracts over 120 teams and 2,300 players from around the world. In 2000, ACBA expanded the veteran’s tournament to include a youth division. This division saw teams from Sydney, Melbourne and Los Angeles compete over three days. Following the success of the youth division in Sydney, the Invitation Tournament has now been permanently expanded to include a youth division. Participation in this tournament has allowed the ACBA representative teams to travel to countries including China, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, The Philippines, Cambodia, Macau and South Korea. In addition to the end of year tours, our representative program includes participation in the annual Easter tournament. In previous years teams have travelled to Sydney from Brisbane, Adelaide, and Melbourne to compete in the three day tournament. ACBA was fortunate enough to host the Australian Boomerangs Paralympics team in the year 2000, when they used the tournament as a part of the preparations for the Paralympics.

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