Exhibition Games

Upcoming Exhibition games August 2019

Tiawanese Normal University will be visiting Acba where exhibition games will be allocated on the following dates


22/08/2019 – Where : PCYC Auburn (Thursday Night)

                       When: 7:30pm – 9:30pm

                       Team TBC  V National Normal University


24/08/2019 – Where: KGV  the Rocks ( Saturday)

                       When: 1pm – 3pm

                       Team: Acba Dragons V National Normal University

25/08/2019 – Where: PCYC Auburn ( Sunday )

                       When: 1pm – 2.40pm

                       Team: Sutherland Sharks v National Normal University

27/08/2019 – Where: PCYC Auburn ( Tuesday Night)

                       When: 7pm – 9pm

                      Team: Warriors  V National Normal University


Crossoverxbasketball v Acba Warriors Exhibition Game July 21st 19'
Acba Warriors 57 v 55 Crossoverxbasketball Last 10 Second of the Game
2nd Half of the Game