2019 MABA International Invitation

Acba Dragons are back to defend their 2017 Title in the MABA internation tournament. 

The long awaited 2019 MABA Malaysia International Basketball Invitation is finally here!

Never miss the date from 22nd October 2019 to 27th October 2019 to witness the highest standard international basketball tournament between international teams and Malaysia National Basketball Teams.

Entry Team (male):
🏀 dream of the island
🏀 Xiamen university basketball team
🏀 Australian Acba Dragon
🏀 the king of Australia
🏀 West Port, Malaysia
🏀 Malaysian national basketball basketball team

Entry Team (Female):
🏀 Guang Guang University
🏀 China Telecom Club
🏀 Shanghai Baoshan Club, Shanghai
🏀 Northeast College University of Japan
🏀 Malaysian National Women’s basketball basketball

Schedule of the tournament games as below

Team Introduction

The Australian Acba Dragon is the champion team at the 2017 Malaysia international basketball tournament, and it is definitely one of the top top teams this year! In The 2017 finals, we have a positive battle against our country’s basketball team. The Acba Dragon played a steady play at the end of the 7-point, and finally lead the Malaysian National Men’s basketball team to win the championship 🏆!

Two abl teams are fighting today, with two abl teams in the battle, and the head of acba, Zheng Wen-Aaron, said this year’s goal is to defend the champion and fight with your heart! Although this year’s rivals are stronger, but the team of the acba’s squad shouldn’t be ignored!

Tony Tolovae, 197 cm, was a player in the Australian League Nbl, and was a very experienced player in the euro league.

Signal Bongomin is an amazing button! Violent slam is often played in major events! Basketball fans can look forward to his great performance in this game!

The Champion of 2017 MABA International Invitation – ACBA Dragons is definitely one of the tournament favourites. In the final of 2017, ACBA Dragons had shown their perseverance despite losing 7 points in the last quarter behind Malaysia National Basketball Team and emerged as the final winner.

The tournament has elevated to another level this year with the participation of two ABL teams. According to Teh Bon Leong, the manager of ACBA Dragons, they have set the target to defend their crown and focus on the matches.

The veteran and formal NBL player Tony Tolovae is expected to become the key player in the tournament. With the height of 197cm, he was also part of the Euro League. Signal Bongamin is another key player of the team. His explosiveness and dunking ability are something that all basketball fans could expect in the matches.