2009 Tour – Malaysia, Cambodia and Philippines

The 2009 ACBA Basketball Tour to Malaysia, Cambodia and Philippines commenced on 24 November 2009 and a total of 40 people travelled to the countries mentioned, for a total of 19 days.

Our first stop was Penang, Malaysia where the Veterans team competed in the over 55s age group in the 24th World Basketball Invitational tournament for Chinese. A total of 196 teams, comprising of more than 3,500 players competed in the various age divisions ranging from 40 years to 65 years. The veteran played 3 games in their preliminary rounds; winning their first game against the Los Angeles Veterans by 7 points but lost their two other games to Xiamen Veterans and Zhejiang Veterans by 14 points and 7 points respectively.

Our Dragon and Queenbeez teams played exhibition games against the Malaysian State teams in Penang, and won all their games comfortably and the Indonesian ASABA team also brought their young team to play the Dragons but our boys were too strong for them. Results of the games in Penang as follow:

Dragons def. ASABA (92-54)
Dragons def. Kedah State (82-60)
Dragons def. Penang State (79-18)
Dragons def. Penang Champion (84-76)
Queenbeez def. Kedah State (92-29)
Queenbeez def. Penang State (66-44)
Queenbeez def. Penang Champion (65-51)

After 7 days of fun on the beach of Tanjung Bungah, ACBA travelled by coach to Teluk Intan via Ipoh. In Ipoh, we visited the Sam Poh Tong caves and continued towards Teluk Intan, the hometown of our Chairman, Mr Leon Teh. We had three exhibition games where ACBA’s all three teams played and were victorious. Results of the games as follow:

Queenbeez def. Perak State (81-21)
Veterans def. T. Intan Veterans (64-57)
Dragons def. Perak State (93-56)

ACBA also held a coaching clinic in Teluk Intan, and about 20 children had a lot of fun with our boys and girls. Our next stop was Kuala Lumpur, where our boys played the Malaysian National teams. We lost both games, the Dragons going down narrowly by 3 points, whereas our girls were beaten by 53 points. The Malaysian girls were really good and they deserved to be the current South East Asian Champion. However, our Queenbeez had been playing exceptionally well and that was their first defeat of the tour.

On 3 December 2009 we moved on to Siem Reap, Cambodia for two days, strictly sight seeing, and having a break from basketball. We visited the famous ancient wonders of the world, “Angkor Wat” but quite a number of our boys and girls, had food poisoning and were not feeling too great.

Our last stop was in Manila where we stayed for 6 days, playing basketball and touring the outskirts of Manila. Interesting places we visited were Tagatay Island and Pangsanjan Falls where we all had a terrifc time. The last lef of the tour, most of our boys and girls where really exhausted with the many basketball games, early morning travel, sightseeing tour and most of all, the late night clubbing. However the Dragons and Queenbeez were still able to put on a good show with 3 games each and the results of the games as follow:

Dragons def. Fern C (72-66)
Dragons def. RTU (98-58)
PJS Law Firm def. Dragons (88-74)
Queenbeez def. RTU (56-42)
Queenbeez def. Lasalle (54-54)
Queenbeez def. Lyceum Womens(66-42)