Competition Standard

Please check the standard of each division before you register your team

Premier League – Very Competitive with ABA/Youth League/State League players and individuals who has played at a high level overseas or at Representative level.

Mens Div 1, Div 2. Div 3 : Competitive divisions designed for players with all rounded skill level. Each team will need a centre to be able to compete. Difference in each division is the pace set out by guards in the competition. All teams are able to shoot and run in these divisions.

Mens Div 4 , Div 5, Div 6: Competitive competition for experience players , intermediate level of basketball. Majority of experience mix with one or two inexperience players in each team. 

Mens Div 7,Div 8: Competitive for players, majority of teams is a mixture of experience and inexperience players. It is a division for friends who want to plays socially with friends who have had an intermediate level of basketball experience.

Mens Social 9 & 10 : Competitive for Players who only want to play socially. New teams should start in Social 10 to ensure growth for individuals as the season progresses.  Stronger teams will be placed in Mens Social 9. The social provides a fun game with the aim of getting exercise in a competitive league.

Unisex Div 5 – Competitive division for intermediate and low level experience players. This division has a mixture of both in each team. It is a fun and social division for teams who want to catchup and have a good run. Teams who have high level skilled players will not be allowed into this division and will be ask to choose other divisions should they want to stay in the league.

Unisex Division 6 – This is a competitive division for beginner only. Teams who have a majority of male/female players who are either new to basketball or have not had a wide exposure to the broader basketball community may play here.  Males are not allowed to steal or block a girl while in the act of shooting or during the game. This is to limit any injuries to all players on the court. The competition is design for social teams who would like to compete with their families, friends or partners.