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2022 Summer Nomination is Open

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New Divisions for 2022

Wednesday Division 5 Mens ( Auburn PCYC)

Wednesday Social 9 ( Auburn PCYC)

Thursday Unisex 7 ( Auburn PCYC)

Thursday Womens 7 ( Auburn PCYC)

Mens Social 10 ( Auburn PCYC)

Please register your interest on, all details on the competition are outlined below table


Acba last game for 2021 will be Sunday 12/12, Monday 13/12 and Tuesday 14/12. Acba will go on a christmas break and resume games after Australia day



Note:  Nighttime Competitions ( Monday – Thursday) are played at  Auburn PCYC (all players must become members of PCYC, and Cumberland University. If you are a PCYC elsewhere you do not have to pay the membership again.

Start DateEnd DateDivisions offeredStart/Finsh timePrize MoneyNominationsVenue Played
Sunday Mens Premier12.40 pm - 4 pm$1550OPENAuburn Basketball Centre
02-05-202108-08-2021Sunday Div 210am - 12.15pm$600OPENAuburn Basketball Centre
16-05-202115-08-2021Sunday Div 33 pm- 6pm$500OPENAuburn Basketball Centre
25-07-2021Sunday Div 43pm - 6.00pm$500OPENAuburn Basketball Centre
02-05-202125-07-2021Sunday Div 59.20am -11:00am$500
OPENAuburn Basketball Centre
11-07-2021Sunday Div 68.15 am/9 am ONLY$500OPENAuburn Basketball Centre
11-04-202118-07-2021Sunday Div 710 am - 12pm$450OPENAuburn PCYC
18-04-202125-07-2021Sunday Div 88.30am - 11.00am$450OPENAuburn PCYC/Lidcombe Uni
11-04-202125-07-2021Sunday Social 910.40am -2.30pm$400OPENLidcombe Uni
11-04-202125-07-2021Sunday Social 102.40pm - 5pm$300OPENLidcombe Uni
11-04-202111-07-2021Sunday Unisex Social Div 53 pm - 6 pm$450OPENAuburn Basketball
16-05-202118-07-2021Sunday Unisex Social Div 6 (Begginers ONLY)3 pm - 6 pm$450OPENLidcombe Uni
Monday Night Social Div 57pm -10.30pm$450OPENAuburn PCYC
15-11-202121-03-2022Mens Monday Night Div 18 pm - 10:30 pm$700OPENAuburn PCYC
30-11-2021TBCTuesday Night Div 28pm - 10.30pm650OPENAuburn PCYC
30-11-2021TBCTuesday Night Div 37pm - 10.30pm$500OPENAuburn PCYC
30-11-2021TBCTuesday Night Div 8 Social7pm - 10pmTrophiesOPENLidcombe Uni
23-02-2022TBCWednesday night Social7pm - 10:00pmTrophiesOPENAuburn PCYC
23-02-2022TBCWednesday night Div 57pm - 10:00pm$400OPENAuburn PCYC
23-02-2022TBCThursday Unisex 77pm - 10:00pmTrophiesOPENAuburn PCYC
23-02-2022TBCThursday Womens div 77pm - 10:00pmTrophiesOPENAuburn PCYC
DivisionsGames played(Incl Playoff)BenchGame times/AdditTotal Team Fees
Sundays Mens Premier 14Bench free20 min halves/24 sec clock$1550 ( incl GST)
Sunday Div 2,3,4,5,614bench free20 min halves/24 sec clock$1550( incl GST)*
Sunday Div 7,814bench free20 min halves/24 sec clock$1450( incl GST)
Sunday Social 9 & 1014bench free20 min halves$1500 ( incl GST)
Sunday Unisex Div 5&614bench free20 min halves/24 sec clock$1450 ( incl GST)
Monday Night Div 1 & 514Bench free20 min halves/24 sec clock$1450 ( incl GST)
Tuesday Night Div 2 & 314bench free20 min halves/24 sec clock$1350 ( incl GST)
Wednesday&Thursday Social14bench free20 min halves/24 sec clock$1350 ( incl GST)
Thursday Unisex 7 &
Thursday Womens 7
14bench free20 min halves/24 sec clock$1350 ( incl GST)

Individual Rego: FREE (this is costed into Team Fees)

Insurance: Costed into Team Fee and  covers 10 players on your roster and fillins

Payment: $750 Deposit per team.
Balance to be paid by week 4 of the competition (refer to team fees)

(Two payments are only accepted to make reconciling easier – Multiple payments will not be accepted)



Note: Acba has the right to move teams up or down in regards to their skill level in the competition. Where a team is deemed too strong for a division  Acba will review and look at other options if we do not have a division that suits the team. Please ensure you understand this rule before you enter the competition.

Late Nominations are accepted please email us on to see if spots are available or contact Kim Yi on 0407947716

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