Acba restart date

Happy New Year

Acba will restart the Spring/Summer competition on the following dates

Monday Night – restarts on 25/01/2021

Tuesday Night – restarts on 02/02/2021

Sunday – Formerly 9A/9B division at PCYC will restart on 31/01/2021

Sunday – All divisions played at Auburn stadium will restart on 07/02/2021.

Please check your schedule for your games.

Note: 14/02/2021 (Sunday) is Chinese New Year  and hence no games will be played on this date. Acba also does not play on National public holidays such as Easter, Queens birthday, Labour day and Christmas/New years.

We have recently updated the divisions on our main page , this is to realigne with divisions outside of Acba. This also gives teams a better indication of the correct divisions they should be in when they play outside of the association. This will also help with new teams coming in and seeing what divisions may or may not suit them.

Please check for your new division name

Sunday Premier – No change

Sunday Division 6 –  updated to Sunday Division 2 (There has been a split when we resume. Teams have been placed under Sunday Division 2 and Sunday Division 5 (formerly 7A)

Sunday Division 5 – updated to Sunday Division 3

Sunday Division 8A – updated to Sunday Division 4

Sunday Division 8B – updated to Sunday Social

Sunday Division 7B – updated to Sunday Division 6

Sunday 9A at PCYC – updated to Sunday Division 7

Sunday 9B at PCYC – updated to Sunday Division 8

Monday Division 1 – No change

Monday Social – updated to Monday Division 5

Tuesday Division 3 – updated to Tuesday Division 2

Tuesday Division 6B – updated to Tuesday Division 3

Please be aware none of the teams have moved, all these updates are cosmetic changes to the Division names.



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