Acba Singlet Designs for all teams in HKDS Winter Competion 2019

Attached are the designs for the free Singlets giveaway to all teams in the HKDS Winter Competition.


 Please note the follow

  • All Teams to receive 10 Singlets disregarding how many players are on your roster
  • Uniform rule will be enforce once Singlets have been handed out. Captains please ensure you keep spare singlets on your for fillins during the season
  • There are 11 different colours , captains please pick the colour that comes with the design . Each team in each division will pick a colour depending on deposits received gets the first choice and so on. 
  • These Singlets are NOT customized. All singlets will come with a number on the front/back (random NBA player numbers are chosen). All Singlets will have ACBA on the front
  • Extra singlets can be ordered for $16 each (incl GST & postage)
  • Captains have the option to buy another set of 10 Singlets @$160 per set if they do not get the design they want. You cannot order less than 10 per set
  • Sizes range from S,M,L,XL,XXL,3XL,4XL
  • We urge all teams to put their sizing through Asap. If teams have not done this, Acba admin will allocate the sizing for those teams
  • Please be patient with the orders, since it is bulk order it will take time for the shipment to come through (4-8 weeks). At the end of the day you will receive your Singlets. 
  • Should you want to Customize your Singlet you can go through Strong Will Sport who have done these designs for Acba their contacts are

The cost is $35 per singlet ( min of 8). Note this is separate from Acba merchandise

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