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Although Euro Truck Simulator 2 is fantastically assembled, its success still seems to surprise players who have not experienced the joy of crossing their open highways. But while the cruise and Highway Europe has its call to feel like a real trucker who has to hit the United States. This is exactly what SCS software is here to deliver, with its latest title from American Truck Simulator.

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You can be difficult to find the differences between American Truck Simulator and its European predecessor. The game is not basically a change: start as an independent driver, earn money, buy your own car, and build your own delivery company.

But here, maybe more than any other franchise, changing the settings is enough. There is an affair with tourism from the coast to the United States Coast listening to country music streaming Radio on the Internet. Therefore, even if the games made the physics and driving model remain unchanged, the idea of pulling the load of the full length of Route 66 feels inexplicably different.

Or at least it would be because currently American Truck Simulator offers only two uses 50 states: California and Nevada. Of course, these two states are a significant land and can take hours to go from one side to the other, even in games that have drastically reduced the world. Unfortunately, you don’t mind embarking on some cult trips.

It is still early in the days however, and SCS Software intends to release more states as downloadable content-it goes in some way to explain the price of the budget of American Truck Simulator. Also there is no certainty of being a lot of community mods.

Explain the complexity

The world looks amazing, with a management game to drive around its natural surroundings, suburban sprawl and inner cities all look and feel distinctly different. Driving by the day-Glow the streets of Las Vegas, Neon surrounds you and the streets are full. This is in contrast to the clear sands of Bakersfield, where you have time to contemplate ample open spaces around you.

Although the movement seems less impressive, the trucks especially their interiors are well modeled. This gives you a good sense of the earth, because you find yourself regularly looking around the cabin to get a better look at the mirrors and other opinions.

Whether you decide to control the action with a pad, keyboard or wheel, the American Truck Simulator will guide you through the wizard to make sure you are ready before you leave. My advice, adhere to the automatic options at least at the beginning. You’re going to have enough to do while you learn to deal with your trailer, GPS and other options.

The purchase of new trucks and the establishment of a transport company is managed by a simple menu and explained by means of exhaustive tutorials. They add depth and focus on the activities as their empire grows and manage their finances. It is not obligatory however, so if you want to follow the life of a freelancer to gain experience to transport better loads longer distances and enjoying theSedative driving experience oddly–then you can.

In it in the long run

American Truck Simulator is still a FinaLínea series and is at a fantastic budget price. For beginners in the transport genre it should be mentioned that in direct comparison, the final version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 with all its DLC is a much bigger game. But, the size aside, the new scenario has some magicfor it-especially Gdymasz all volume Country music from the speakers.

American Truck Simulator

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